Friday, February 28, 2014

In God We Trust - The American Lie.

  The irony that the words "In God we Trust" is printed on American money is this: They are both a lie.  This motto was placed on United States coins because of the increased religious sentiment that existed during the Civil War. Secretary of the Treasury Salmon P. Chase received numerous appeals from devout Christians all over the country, urging that the United States recognize our trust in God on United States coins.  Let's fast forward to the present day.  In March of 2013, the atheist group  Freedom from Religion Foundation along with 19 other plaintiffs filed suit in US District court stating "...having “In God We Trust” on currency constitutes “proselytizing, discriminatory and a per se establishment of monotheism.”  Regardless of the legal basis of the lawsuit, it does indicate a movement that is nonetheless, not surprising. The decreased religious sentiment brewing in America can be proven statistically, and the numbers are shocking.  For believers like me, I am not surprised but rather, reassured that where we are morally and prophetically in the stream of time aligns with the truth found in the bible. (2 Timothy 3:1-4) This was foretold to be so. 

  What I find most disturbing, and this is a blanket statement of sorts, is the silence from the Church as a whole. Instead of rebuke there is retreat, instead of condemnation; complicity.  The reasons for this are cyclical in nature.  Should the Church speak out against these trends with conviction, it would suffer the consequences that our increasingly secular media's hand has in this nation's pulse. Mass negative attention could equal further decline in membership, so the silence continues so as to not awaken the giant that is American opinion. The fact is this: Now is the time to be determined. Our defense for Christian virtue is imperative. This is spiritual warfare. Suit up.

  Boldness is needed now to discover sheep and reap the harvest of believers that are essential to further advance Bible truth.  Lives are at stake.  We are not exposing the unpopular and difficult parts of scripture because, let's just go ahead and say it - our faith is under fire by the very nation that at one time harbored our beliefs. Being a Christian, we sign up for adversity and hate, intolerance and judgement by a world that does not see us as its own. The time for being soft because of negative consequence needs to come to a screeching halt.  And perhaps there is basis that this would further impact the increase of our numbers. However, the ears that would listen would be ready for boldness, solid in the Faith, and vessels for a fine use having received and accepted our message at a time when our way of life is most unpopular. (2 Tim 2:21,22)  Our Lord is concerned with our value, not volume. He does not need weakness -he needs workers. Planting our seeds during stormy weather is going to be the norm my friends. Are you are waiting for a more convenient time to be a Christian?  That train left the day Christ laid his life down for your sins. He let us know it was the hard way - so we have to stop trying to make it easier.

 Please hear this: If your expectations are that one day, all of the difficulty and adversity in our faces will lighten up and our way will be smooth and peaceful, you would be right - that day is called the Kingdom of God. Until then, we must go forth with the assurance that our message will be heard by those called to his own. We are useless in our silence. Pray as if everything depends on God, but act like everything depends on you.