Sunday, July 27, 2014

Thoughts after an awesome Sunday

   These past several days have been nothing short of amazing to my soul.  Obtaining a solid and true understanding of our Lord was a work that He had to complete; it was not of my own volition or accord that He was able to bring me to where I reside spiritually today.  Through ministry, through the testimony of others - through His body of believers that continues to share my storms and dance in my rain, God has confirmed not only how much he truly loves and desires me individually, but He continues to love me and confirm for me His desire for His will and purpose in my life.  It is such a blessing to be used by God to help others, when many times we may think that we are the ones that need the help.  I know that I will never fully understand the ways and workings of God, but I do understand His love more today than ever before, and it is such a blessing to know - no weapon formed against me will prosper - God is my rock. The life of Jesus Christ has meant the death of me - and the death of Jesus Christ, now means life to me.

  There is something special going on in the brotherhood of believers here in Southern Ohio, and many of us here are speaking of this today.  The Holy Spirit is moving the hearts and minds of us to be emboldened to carry his light that is His love to others, in ways that make us speak of it and act upon it.  Our church was simply amazing today - it was the first time that I have been invited to speak before my Church - it was the first time that prayer upon prayer was offered as we gathered together as a group in His Holy name - no time left for a sermon - just pure praise and worship.  I would say that what we have together is as close to the Church that God intended for His followers to follow as I have witnessed - He is transforming us for His will and purpose, and it is amazing to witness the Spirit of our Holy and worthy Father guiding us together. It is a blessing that I do not take for granted. It is awesome to witness the work of God.  It is not to be denied.  It is undeniable.

  As I move forward today into yet another chapter in my walk with my Lord,  All I am left with is sincere humility and reverence for the way He has manifested His spirit and love upon me individually, and us all as a collective.  It compels me to rely more, pray more - to be with Him more and to give all that I have of myself, knowing that He knows no other way to love than completely.  I have had my ups and downs, my trials and errors, my victories and losses and defeats - He knows me completely this way.  Yet, it is God's continued outpouring of favor and blessing and Spirit upon me that draws me ever closer to Him - this makes me want to worship Him in spirit and truth to my fullest.  He knows me enough to bring me to the peace and comfort that I feel at this moment.  My life - my time and effort and resources belong to Him.  I wonder sometimes where the road I travel will take me with my Lord. But I have stopped worrying about where I am going.  I am just glad that He is there with me all the while.  I am nothing, nothing at all without My God - My Savior - My Rock - My strength. I cannot imagine that there is a better life, or a better way of life, than to give your life, for the one, who gave His life.

  Praise be to He who is worthy of all of our praise, all of our days.