Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Did Jesus really walk on Water?

     The title of this message is meant to draw one to open it - The purpose of this message is to address the reality of what doubt can do, and why we need to rid ourselves of this corrosive influence when it presents itself.

  On levels having little to do with our Faith, doubt is almost always, never good.  If I really doubted that my car was going to make it the grocery store, it would be on my mind the entire ride there - a constant voice of "you might not make it" alive in my head.  Replace car and grocery store with soul and God's Kingdom in this scenario, and the seriousness of the damaging effects of doubt in our lives becomes a little clearer. It is not how He wants us to live, because it is not the way to life.

            -Aporeo (Greek)   Literal meaning: "To be without a way"       English translation:  Doubt.

  Making our way successful impresses upon us the importance of removing doubt from our lives. Faith is its nemesis, and fear is its sidekick. All our enemy needs is a foothold to let the rust that is doubt take root in the spiritual armor protecting of our lives (Eph 6:10-18). How fitting that in the armor of our defenses, Faith is the shield. With the shield we can "resist all the flaming darts of the evil one". Imagine going into battle, weighted down with all the protection in the world, and forgetting your shield. What would be going through your mind as the arrows of your enemy approached? I can tell you. Doubt and Fear.

  Our awesome Creator wants us to serve him with conviction and strength and courage. We present ourselves able and ready when we are prepared to do so with the Spirit of Faith, and the product of that faith evident in the way we walk and serve Our Lord. Please understand, he wants to utilize each and every one of his possessions in ways that will bring honor to his name, light to this world and hope to the hopeless. But we have to take courage knowing that all the conquering has been done for us long ago on Calvary.  We are not  preparing for a battle THINKING we could lose,  brothers and sisters. We are readying for a battle KNOWING we will win.  Remove doubts by building your faith now. Resist the temptation to entertain this world that loves to place seeds of doubt in every nook and cranny that we can possibly imagine. Know that the promises he tells us are real and true. And never believe that you are not loved, wanted needed or appreciated by your Lord. He does not doubt his love for us - nor should we.