Monday, March 3, 2014

Things about me that you should know

  I doubt there are many people out there who know how old I am, not that I have ever actually lied about my age, but I have been around the block for sure.  I love nature, being outdoors (I am a pretty handy landscaper - and I dabble at building stuff).  I also like to fly every now and then and travel around.  I love to fish, and not to brag cause its just not my style, but I could out fish a fleet on a good day, LOL. However, I do like to spend time indoors with my family whenever I can, and I hope nobody I love takes this too personal, but I wish they came by more often.

  I know when I was born, it changed so much for my family. People told my mom over and over again that she was having a boy - I doubt she was too surprised when I popped out though.  She was happy regardless. I grew up in a small town along the river, and looking back, I would not have changed that for the world, even if I could have. Guess it was just meant to be. Growing up, and I cannot believe I am being this personal here on this blog - I always knew I was different from other kids. When I was around 12, when everyone else was playing and having a jolly old time doing what kids do, I wanted to learn. Drove my parent crazy those days when they just did not understand why I could not be like "all the normal kids". They got over it.  I hope.  Reckon I did not turn out too bad.

  In my adulthood, I was able to land some really good close friends, and that is where things really started to change for me.  I can tell you this, with all that I have learned - If you can just find one good friend in this life, DO IT.  It makes a huge difference for them and for you. Trust me. During those times when people thought I was just plain crazy, they were there for me - well, most of the time. And for those times when they didn't  or just couldn't have my back - I found reasons to let them stick around anyway. Truth is, I really did not have too many close friends I could call my own, but the ones that I did have, I will never forget.

 Tragedy struck at 33, and looking back, it was actually the best day of my life, and yours. After a day of pain that the world can still feel, I gave my life for every friend I ever had, every friend that I knew, and every friend that knew me. I live in them now, and to be honest, I just cannot wait to see you all again. Even the ones who did not always have my back, even the ones I always considered family who stopped by ever so seldom to come to my house and visit me for a while - if you really ever believed in me, there is just no way I would not want to be with you again. And I will, I promise.  The one thing I never could do was lie - and that being said - know that I love you still.

Sincerely, and Forever Yours