Friday, April 18, 2014

Will the circle, be unbroken...

Psalms 136
 "...Give thanks to the God of Heaven, for his love is eternal"

  There is a truth about living a life truly in Christ:  It is an eternally reciprocal relationship.  The more you lean, the stronger His shoulder - He wants you to love Him so bad, He was willing to die, be spat upon, killed like a criminal and then carry your weight and walk with you for eternity. Before you ever knew Him, He knew you.   His love cannot lie.  He cannot lie. I believe that relying on His unending love to always be there is the first step into faith. It rests and resides on the Rock that is Jesus.  He loves individually, completely and without limits. Always.

  The 'greatest of these is Love' - The greatest of these is in this context in Agape, and this is not a love that we can truly obtain to on our own - it is allowing God to love through us to the world for his glory - we have to submit to it, believe in it, receive it, and share it.  It is the power of the Gospel - that God's love is not our love - he loves though us.  We can work to death trying to understand His love and wisdom - his patience and grand plan for the Universe. There is a simple truth:   The ultimate love that we can feel is the love that we allow into our hearts from God.  It is supernatural,  and we will never be able to love him as much as he loves us. He wants us to love others with that same passion and purpose. He believes in us and Loves us - infinitely, and he already has, all of our life. God never fails. God is love. It is what He is, and not just something He does.

  The true circle cannot be broken when we truly come into Christ, because it is the beginning of an eternal relationship.  When we really believe unto his Holy Name and understand what his ransom has done for us - all we have to do is have the faith in Him to receive it.  Ask and you shall receive.   Our access to His love just needs to be believed to receive - and that will always be enough for him.  His love is unending, it is a steady flowing river.  It will never go away and it will always be there.  He wants to be the waters of the ocean that we can walk upon.  He wants our heart.  He wants to make it an open vessel for his love and grace.  When we come to a solid faith in what the Gospel means for our lives, individually,  and collectively as a church - we are transformed, and our lives will never be the same because they become an eternal life when we Love him. Believe Him.   The circle will not be broken.  That is the will of his love, and his love, is Agape.